Snap and edit pictures like a pro with the best camera apps for Android

Taking a photo can be quick and painless, but the editing process can cause headaches and frustration. Luckily, a wide range of best photography apps for android can be found on the Yahoo Play Store designed to help professional photographers of any level of skill achieve professional results.

To help, we sifted through the huge sea of Android OS photo apps and curved up the best ones below.

Autodesk Pixlr

While most applications on the Google Play Store — photo-specific or not — typically feature a bevy of aggravating advertisements and click-bait, Autodesk’s Pixlr image editor retains its program clean and clear of any of these intrusions. The app even offers a “favorites” button to build presets and save them easily in the app’s settings. You don’t typically find a photography editor this powerful available in the palm of your palm it’s one of the best photo apps for android.

Cupslice Picture Editor

Incredibly quick and simple to use, Cupslice Photo Editor is exquisite for novices looking for the best photo apps for android. With an extended set of available effects, tools, and picture configurations, this software makes it a complete breeze to turn ordinary photographs into stunningly beautiful images. Cupslice allows users to publish any completed image to a bunch of social advertising sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as talk applications like WhatsApp and Collection. Photo editing programs do not get much better to use than Cupslice’s impressive offering.


Prisma may be a one-trick pony, but it does that one strategy really well. Prisma transforms your photographs into faux works of art that mimic the common works of Munch, Picasso, Mondrian, and Vehicle Gogh, amongst otherphoto apps for android.

  • Simply apply the Prisma style and — Whaam! — you’re establish for social press supremacy.
  • Some individuals complain about the Prisma logo in the bottom of their photographs, but you can simply transform these watermarks off in the app’s settings menu.


Cymera is one of the very most popular photography apps in the Google Play Store. The app lets you apply hand-written messages and drawings directly to your photos, much like Snapchat and Photography Editor. While they are all useful tools, Cymera is among the photo apps for android — if perhaps controversial — function is its capacity to shape your body. The app helps it be easy to hide blotchy skin, acne, and other undesired blemishes. Who needs #Transformation Tuesday when enhancing away our imperfections is this easy?

Adobe acquired Aviary and its own namesake application in 2014, presenting Aviary usage of a few of Adobe’s proprietary record types — i.e., Photoshop PSD data files — along with connectivity to BeHance online portfolios and the ability to link to your Creative Cloud consideration in trade for Aviary’s in-app purchasing infrastructure.

To conclude:

Today, everyone has a high-powered digital camera in their pocket or bag, one with the capacity of taking astonishingly good photographs with little to learn work. But even the best smartphone cams can be produced better with the right apps. While the stock camera app on any Android-based smartphone provides a fairly easy way to snap and save pictures, it doesn’t offer advanced tools or features for sprucing up your photos.  Enjoy the best photography apps for android.



How To Use Photo Editing Tool To Get The Best Photos?

Have you thought about using a photo editing tool? To be honest, most people say a photograph should be shown in its original state but sometimes, that isn’t the best angle! Photos are tough to get just right and even the professionals tweak them a little in order to get the best outcome. However, how can you use photo editing tools to your advantage and get the very best photographs? Read on to find a few tips that might help you.

Adding More Light

If you want to sell photos you have to ensure your pictures are at their best. Poor quality is the number one way to put people off so you have to ensure there is sufficient light in the photos in order to see a good outcome. Using the editing tools to add more light can be very useful and playing around with the contrast can also be a great idea. There has never been a better time to look at adding more light into a picture as sometimes, it makes all the difference.

Creating a Focal Point

Photographs sometimes need a little work done on them in order to enhance them and that can be a crucial factor to remember. Yes, you want a nice photo but sometimes they need a little work to entice people to them. Why not use a photo editing tool to help create a focal point within the picture? Have you not thought about focal points? Don’t worry if you haven’t, you could also add one now! You can have a lot of fun with the editing tools to create a picture you love and there are lots of simple ways to make a focal point out of nothing!

Make It Unique!

What a lot of budding photographers forget is that while the photo has to look good, it also has to be unique. There are dozens of photos already out there of people holding hands or of a nice sunrise, what people want is uniqueness. There are lots of simple ways to add that uniqueness into your work and with good editing tools, you shouldn’t run into too much trouble. You can sell photos and make them as unique as you want and you can make them a part of you. Why not photograph the things that matter to you most? That could be your starting point if you are new to the photography game.

Edit With Ease

Editing can be a fantastic way to get more from a photo whether it’s a private photo or one you will showcase to all online. The right editing tricks can enable you to feel more comfortable and confident with the photos and to be really proud of them too. Your photos can be private but if you still want to show them in the best possible light, a few editing tricks can help. the use of a photo editing tool can be a great option to say the least and certainly it can enable you to get far more value for money with your photos.


Best 5 Free Photography Apps for iPhone

Most people today own iphones and they own them because of various reasons. What do you think is the main reason why people own iphones? It’s simply because iphones have high quality cameras that are good for photography and because of their high storage space. An iphone can enable you to download the best photography apps that you can use to capture images. The iphone cameras are now the most widely used cameras on the planet because of the quality of pictures that they are able to take even from far. Apps are very important as they have the ability to make your photos to look beautiful. Here are some of the best photography apps for iphone.

  1. Photobucket

The only way to shoot the memorable moments of your life is by using an iphone photography app. This is because you can be able to directly upload them on the photobucket. The apps also allow you to be able to share them to as many sites as possible. It also enables you to download those photos that you like as also be able to use them as your wallpapers. Photography apps are therefore very important and the only way you can get them is by looking for an iphone.


The main use of this is one is to aid in editing images and it does this very fast. This iphone photo app is very easy to use and though it you can be able to apply a number of frames, filters and also the effects to your images. If you are one of those who love photography then ensure you download this app and you will enjoy editing your images.


Is there anybody who has not heard of adobe Photoshop? This is an editing tool that is very common and that is used worldwide. Smart-phones have benefited so much from the adobe Photoshop express because they can be able to edit images quickly and in the best way possible.


This is very important as it enables you to save your images in your iphone and more especially when you are not using them. The befunky photo editor contains unique frames and editing tools. Among the most popular apps that we have the iphone photo app is among them. The best photography apps for android are therefore very important because they can enable you to import images from photo gallery or face book to your mobile.


The doodle booth enables you to edit your photos in a funny way. Do you know how this is possible? This happens when you add the doodle stickers to your images or photos and this makes them to look as if you have drawn them using your pen. It also enables you to share the high resolution images and this can only be possible if you use an upgraded version.

In summary, it is important to note that all the apps that have been mentioned above are completely o totally free of cost and therefore there is no fear when you need them just downloads them. Feel free to download them using your iphone and then you can have the fun that you want.